Posidon Express wants to organize your trips in the best possible way. So, we offer you many different options as far as the means of transportation are concerned. Apart from the ferry tickets, we can book and issue air tickets for you. We can help you travel by air to the Greek islands and mainland, but also abroad, to any destination you might want.

We co-operate with Olympic Airways and Aegean, as well as with international airlines. Moreover, we issue e-tickets and prepaid tickets that you can collect from the airport before your embarkation
You can book your tickets:
1) By phone (tel.: +30 210 4121352, +30 210 4111426, +30 210 4114005)
2) By sending us a fax (Fax: +30 210 4220168)
3) By sending us an e-mail (panax@ath.forthnet.gr)
The tickets can be delivered to you by courier or you can collect them from our office